Back to basics

Leonard de Vince said it best when he said – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Most managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and people in general complicate things, especially in sales. I have been to various sales trainer seminars and hear them bang on about 10 different closing techniques, how there are thousands – perhaps a slight exaggeration and more like hundreds – of different objections in any one industry, how negotiation is a massive topic and so on. All the while these trainers forget to cover the basics. About 99.9% of the time when I give training workshops and ask the attends “who here has read a book on sales and to give me the title and author?” almost always no one can tell me one book title. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because your sales team has X amount of years experience in selling that everything will be OK. The world has change! Techniques that worked 5 years are now obsolete. The best salespeople I know continue learning, go back to the basics, and remain a student on the subject and read books. Get the basics drilled into your sales team, like reading sales books everyday is like having strong foundations to a castle. If the foundations are not strong and you build your castle on sand, how long do you think your castle is going to be standing? Not long!

Sometimes it’s not necessary for salespeople to have training with me and they probably shouldn’t be in a room with me if they’re not motivated enough to order a sales book from Amazon for £10. The simplest things are often the most effective and I would encourage you to buy each member of your sales team a book on selling – preferable my book – and recite a page or chapter every morning. Get one member of your sales team each morning to read a few pages to the rest of the sales team from the chosen book. Motivation in selling is like showering; you need to do it every day for it to be effective. If you go to church on a Sunday you will notice the vicar will recite the bible EVERY Sunday. He won’t say; hey, we know all about god and Jesus as we spoke about it last Sunday, let’s jump straight in with the singling. The vicar continues to recite the bible EVERY Sunday because he understands the bible is the basic foundation on what he is teaching. Is selling different? Of course not, so why should it be any different?

A simple and effective way for you to increase the productivity of your sales team is to follow the above advice. It wont cost you a future and I guarantee you: the ROI (return on the investment) will be ten fold. Remember, the smaller things are often what make a big difference.

Here is to your selling success.



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An Apple a day will get you sales right away!

Throughout my career in teaching others how to sell, the number one most important thing I have introduced into my workshops, which will ALWAYS get results is; attitude. The problem with most other trainers is that they don’t describe how to have an attitude. The fact is that this truth is true with most people using the word should. You should forgive. Yeah, that’s great but how do I forgive? You should be getting better results. Yeah but how do I get better results. You should have a great attitude. Yeah but how do I have a great attitude? I’m here to boiling things down to basics for you to get a great attitude that will get you more sales. If you get this wrong then you’re are kind of like trying to build a house on sand. Make sure your foundations are strong for long-term success. Lets talk bout how to get the BEST attitude:


  1. Exercise –You body is designed for movement and not to sit still. Go and buy a new pair of trainers and commit to yourself to go running one hour before work. Start by running twice a week and then build it up to say three and so on. Exercising releases and enormous amount of good endorphins that will make you feel like a million bucks. If your prospect can sense you’re SUPER happy, your prospects are going to say to themselves “Why is she so happy? I want some of this?” People buy with their feelings first (or the lizard part of the brain also known as the Limbic system) and if your prospects can feel good about being around you, then this will enhance the chances of them buying from you.
  2. Eat fruit and vegetables every day – Garbage in, garbage out. How can you expect your body to function right and maintain high energy levels (critical to sales people) if you’re eating rubbish? The truth is, you can’t. Make it a priority to eat fruit and vegetables every day. This will help increase your energy and concentration levels. Do I need to explain this further or are reading this thinking: I know, I know John but…! There are no buts only excuses. My great mentor Jim Rhon said it best when he said: The pain of discipline weights grams compared to the pain of regret, which weighs tones.
  3. Drink lots of water – Your body is about 60% water (give or take) and it’s extremely important to stay hydrated to obtain maximum output. Make it a daily habit to drink water consistently through the day to stay hydrated, especially, if you’re drinking cups of coffee and tea, as this will only add to the dehydration process.
  4. Get a minimum of 7 hours – Lack of sleep will make you moody, impatient, unable to concentrate, less attentive. Over time it can take a toll on your physical and mental health and significantly affect performance, which will reduce your results within the work place. To get the best nights sleep try to avoid watching too much TV and looking at your mobile devices. If you have to work on your PC or watch TV then I would recommend wearing “Blu Blockers” (if this is the first time you have heard of these then Google it). This will help the process of your brain produce “Melatonin”, which will help with the sleeping process.
  5. Brain Breakfast – Steer away from the news. I make a household rule that there is strictly no news aloud in my house. Your mind is extremely susceptible to what goes on around it and avoid the news like the plague. The news is slowly killing your productivity level. Instead, punch into YouTube, MOTIVATION, and watch the videos listed there (after your run of course). You will feel like taking on the world and your productivity levels will touch the sky. Make it a daily habit to feed your brain positive food every day. Just like your body, if you feed it with rubbish, then you will produce rubbish. The same is true of the mind.

Before any salesperson can expect extreme success, then they have to perform the above. The problem is that these things are easy to do, which also makes them easy not to do. I have found that almost all people that never take the first step, will never take the second. Salespeople and most companies tend to spend their time concentrating on presenting their product or solution, negotiation skills, Objection handling and closing skills. Now these are all valid areas of expertise within selling, however, if you or your people don’t concentrate on the above, that’s kind of like putting the cart in front of the horse.

If you have any questions, then feel free to email me at

Until next time, this is to your selling success.



As we know there are only five reasons your customers wont buy from you; no time, no trust, no need, no urgency and no money. Is that it? There’s one more little thing that you’re missing. The unspoken objection that is the biggest deal killer and most salespeople really don’t get this. As you’re going through your all 5 star recording breaking pitch, your customers are saying to themselves; is this product or service really going to do what this guy / gal says it does? All the while you come to the end of your demonstration or presentation only to have your prospect say to you; I want to think about it. You are left scratching your head saying, I know she trusts me and there is definitely a need there! Have you had this before? Whereby you’re left completely as to why your prospect didn’t say yes to your offering.

Your customers are terribly scared of making the wrong decision when buying your product or service for the first time. Have you had an experience before whereby you purchased a product or service and have it not work out? Of course and as a result we become sceptical of the so-called “salesperson”. Most salespeople (or companies) almost always ask their potential customers to carry all the risk. For you or your company to make more sales there has to be some form of risk reversal to overcome the unspoken of objection. Some companies offer a full refund within 30 days and after that period of time the retailer will deny all responsibility only to send you direct to the manufacture. Little do these salespeople and companies know that they are killing the longevity of their company.

After you have gone through your pitch and then you have gone through to your close, if, your prospect seems to be switching off or showing disinterest, be upfront and say; Mr prospect, is there something I’m missing, as you don’t seem to be that interested! Now, you maybe thinking: No way could I possibly ask that question, as it’s rude. Well, let me tell you my reading friend that your customers want to be dealing with a real, upfront person who gives them the news straight. Be bold in you sales pitch and especially when handling objections. This shows confidence in yourself, product or service, which will bring you closer to the sale. At this point your prospect will give you the unspoken objection so you can find out what really is the problem, which I’m betting as stated above “does this product or service really work”. Once you have the unspoken objection from your prospect, you should isolate it, and deal with it appropriately.

I sincerely hope this has helped and I look forward to speaking with you next time.

Here is to your selling success.



The TRUTH about growing your business.

You are in a world that is FULL of noise and adverts desperately trying to grab your attention to sell you the latest and greatest new product and service that will take your business to next level. You are being pulled in every direction and chasing shinning object after shinning object. Where does it stop? What system can you put in place that will truly grow your business?

I’m here to tell you that there is only one of three ways you are going to grow your business. That’s right, three. No more no less.


  1. Get new clients to buy whatever it is you are selling
  2. Get your existing clients to buy again
  3. Increase the price of your products or services

Now even if you were to do number three you still have to SELL your products or services to your clients. I have seen in business so many people focusing on activity rather than focusing on what’s TRUELY important. SALES! Getting in front of people who can say yes to your product or service. Yes, I will buy what you are selling! Yes, I see value in what you are offering me. That’s it! Making sales to your business is exactly the same, as oxygen to the human body and without oxygen the rest of the organisation will die. Concentrating on spreadsheets, emails, websites, logos, slogans etc are only 5% of the battle. I have never heard someone say: I done business with X company because I love their websites. I done business with you because of your logo. Your customers have to feel you are sincere and have confidence in your product or service. A perfect example is Apple. I mean, lets get serious; the number one technology company in the world is named after a piece of fruit! I wonder how many business coaches and marketing wizards would say to you: I don’t think the name of your business, logo etc is right. I am here to tell you that what needs to be right is what is going on between your ears first and the rest will follow. People buy people and it will forever remain that way while human beings are classified as a biological organism. Don’t get lost in the noise and remember to focus on your clients and not spreadsheets etc.

Here is to your business’s success.






Information technology and selling.

The IT sector is changing fast. From problems around the Windows operating system’s to the fierce competition from like’s of Amazon, Argos, Tesco’s, PC world and other large retailers, it’s proven more difficult for the smaller retailers to compete against these titans. Not to mention DELL, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Lenovo and so on changing their prices monthly, it’s hard to keep a tender pending longer enough – depending on when the tender was put together – to enable their sales teams to close the deal as these Hardware companies are moving the goal posts around price.  Too many smaller IT companies make the common mistake of competing instead of positioning themselves against their competition. Another common mistake is not having a SOLID business strategy in place to attract new clients and have systems in place whereby their sales teams can execute sales easily and deliver VALUE to their end users. Understanding this can be the survival or death of businesses within the IT industry.

A lot of small business owners – not just within the IT sector – think they can set up a shop or website and watch their customers come to them. The world has changed and in this new world you need to approach your customers and have the systems and skills in place to bring new business through the door. Most people that work within the IT industry love the new technology that is consistently being released and take joy to enlighten their customers about this. A small problem with this is that the sales guys talk too much about the FEATURES of their products instead of BENEFITS, and this leads to alienation of their end user. People buy what your products and services DO and not what they ARE.



  1. Position your company more as delivering value and try to steer away from price.
  2. Remember that your customers look at the end benefit of what product or service you are supplying. Stay away from the tech talk and try to speak in a language your end user understands to make more sales.Image


Never before has the competition been so fierce. Your customers have less money, less time and more regular access to your competition via the internet than ever before. It’s for this reason you need to make sure you have the skills and attitude it takes to drive revenue through the door and start to take massive action. Pick up the phone book and start making calls, go to the networking events, join local business clubs to make sure the survival of your business is achieved.

Making sales for your business is the equivalent to oxygen for your body. If the body doesn’t receive oxygen, then the rest of the organisation will die. Most people have a list of clients and customers and will not ask them the tough question: DO YOU WANT BUY MY PRODUCT! They will pussy foot and tippy toe around them only to find their customers have gone home for lunch by the time they do get the news to them and go for the close. Your product or service no doubt helps a lot of people, so it makes sense for your customers to buy whatever you are selling, right? Of course!

There was a study I read about a group of psychologist that asked several directors back in 2008, when the recession hit, how they go about breaking the news to their soon to be ex-employees. Now these employees had families, children, mortgages to pay and so on. The directors said; we would set the room temperature right, we start the conversation about a subject our soon to ex-employees would find interest, talk about football, anyhow, these where all the long way round to getting to the point that they were going to dismiss these people from the firm to save their own bacon.

No when the group of psychologist reversed the question on the directors and said; if you were going to receive the same news that you were going to be sacked, how would you like to receive the news? All of them said; I would like to be told straight the news. I want the news STRAIGHT!

You see we all think that everyone around is so fragile that we avoid asking the tough question: DO YOU WANT TO BUY MY PRODUCT? I had read so many different articles, books, and watched YouTube videos about closing  techniques etc and the truth is you should just asked the straight forward question to your customers to close more sales – after you have done your presentation / demonstration of course – that is the close; SO, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY MY PRODUCT OR SERVICE TODAY? If your customer is to respond NO then ask why, and isolate the objection, and go from there.

The secret to close more sales is to close yourself first, get over the fear that your customers perhaps may give you a little abjection – which is a good thing by the way – before they sign on the dotted line.

Here is to your selling success. Sell hard, sell fast, and sell often.

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