Sales is all about communication.

For you to be successful in any walk of life you have to be able to
communicate and persuade effectively. From the moment you were
born you were communicating with your mother, screaming for milk,
trying to communicate and ultimately persuade her to feed you. You’re still trying to communicate and persuade today (hopefully not
screaming to your mother for milk), either consciously or unconsciously, as it’s a basic survival instinct.
Today you and I communicate and persuade 7% through words, 38% by the way we deliver those words, and 55% via body
language. Specifically, when speaking with prospects  I want to share with you the top 10 proven words that “Sell” and “Unsell” a selling situation.

Words that sell: understand, proven, easy, love, truth, profit, value, benefits, trust, and advantage.

Words that unsell: cost, deal, sign, contract, sold, worry, try, difficult, liability, and lose.

Here is to your selling success.



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