People buy People!

People buy People! This is an expression in sales that has been through around for many years. An expression that true sales professionals understand. It has been said in sales that prospects don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I believe this to be true and why so many sales managers, entrepreneurs, business owners are so frustrated with poor sales. They believe that if they train their sales guys on the product that this will create more sales. You have to understand that the selling industry is a peoples business.

I upgraded my iPhone to the iPhone 5 yesterday and went into only two shops only. The first shop I walked into the sales guy was clearly not interested in speaking with me. Unshaven, poorly dressed, no enthusiasm and confusing the hell out of me with different tariffs etc. He wrote down so many different figures, different options and different phone options. I left the shop feeling dizzy. He was giving me all the tech talk and knew his products inside out. The result… I put the brochure in the bin 2 meters outside his shop.

I walked into the second shop and a lady greeted me. She was in her late forties and had a warm glow about her and she addressed me with a big smile. She reminded me of a caring mother. She asked me several questions and engaged with me in conversation. She even made me laugh. Now this is critical for you to understand. Today I have completely forgotten what both those salespeople said but they haven’t made me forget how they made me feel. The result in shop number two…. what do you think happened? That’s right, I walked out with the iPhone 5 and upgraded my tariff by an extra thirty Euros per month. This woman’s product knowledge was OK but not the best. What she did understand is people are important and no doubt why her boss hired her.

If you can grasp this concept you will leave your colleagues behind. Remember, people buy people. Get to know your prospects and I promise you this will change your life.

Here is to your selling success.





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