Are you a salesperson?

How can being a salesperson impact your life in a positive way both personally and professionally? When most people think about selling they think of a pushy salesman persuading a prospect to buy something they don’t need. Granted this type of salesperson still exists today but he is becoming an endangered species. The reason I say this to you is because becoming a salesperson to most people is very unattractive. However this skill is more needed today than ever due to how small the world has become with the internet. Particularly if you are in business, no longer is your competition just the corner shop in your local high street but also every teenager with an idea, laptop and internet connection. The only thing that’s going to separate you from the competition is you and your ability to sell yourself. OK, so where do you start?

Get focused! Successful salespeople are extremely focused people and know exactly what they want. A common mistake – with most people – is concentrating on activity and not results. Activity is talking with colleagues about the weather, what’s happening on the latest TV reality show, playing with FaceBook, etc. Truly focused salespeople focus on results. A question you can yourself to help focus on results is: is what I am doing right now contributing directly to the end result I am trying to achieve? This will steer the ship (you) in the right direction. Remember, successful salespeople are paid for results and not activity. Get focused on what’s important to you and watch mountains move out your way.

Here is to your selling success.






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