The Key to Selling

If you found some information that transformed your ability to sell successfully, would you use that information? Selling is a huge topic and can be quite overwhelming for most people. If there was one key that could unlock the door for success in selling it would have to be… “the ability to agree”.  If your prospect says she feels the price is too high for your product or service you can say “I agree Mrs Prospect that the price is high. This is because that good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good” If your prospect were to say “I feel your company has treated me badly” you respond with “You are right Mr prospect… my company has treated you badly. What can we do to put things right? Your customer is king and is always right. If you disagree with her you are putting space between you and closing the deal. People like to do business with people that are like minded.

Most salespeople focus on closing techniques, effective questioning, and objection handling and so on. These are important elements to the sales process but without agreeing with your prospect first, then you are trying to build a house on sand. Even if you customer has made a bad purchasing decision in the past and you think it was wrong, you still have to agree. This is your prospects perspective. “Mr prospect, you couldn’t of made a better decision based on the information that you had access to at the time and I would of done the same thing”.

Agree with your customers and this will open doors of opportunity for you.

Here is to your selling success.  



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