Why is selling an important skill for you to learn?

Selling for many years has been considered an ugly profession to be involved with. When you went to school and your teacher asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I am sure you never answered, “I would love to be a professional salesperson”. However selling today is still an underestimated skill that can lead you to great things.

We are concisely selling ourselves on the stage of life to our friends, family and work colleagues. As a result I believe selling is one of the most important subjects of life. Whether we like it or not we are all natural born salespeople and the only difference is that some of us sell consciously and others sell unconsciously. We sell our friends trying to convince them that the company Apple is the best. Why others have their counter argument that Windows are still head of the Monique.  We voluntary recommend people to restaurants, destinations we went on holiday, only to justify our own actions are correct. This is all in the name of selling. Let me state this here: if you can’t sell then you will be sold.

If we engage with people unconsciously in selling and not get paid for it, why don’t we engage with people and get paid for it? And I am not necessarily talking about monetary gain. Your commission could be a stronger relationship with a friend, spouse, loved one or work colleague. Being able to sell and learning that skill is a huge advantage for you in life. Don’t get left behind!

I wish to share with you what I consider to be the most important skill of selling, which is listening. Now there are four steps to this process and no doubt you have heard the difference of hearing and listening. Most people just hear but I wish to show you how professional listening is done. The number one skill in selling:

Step one: Listen Attentively

When you are speaking with another treat that person as if they are royalty. Listen with all you heart and don’t interrupt. When I am listening to someone I would picture in my mind that I am either speaking with a King or Queen. This will ensure you don’t interrupt.

Step Two: Pause

You must learn to practice the pause. Once the other has stop talking you want to leave a two or three second gap before you then start to respond. This will show your respect to the other and you are actually listing to them. This will also give the other time to think and make sure they have covered all they wish to say.

Step Three: Clarify by question

Once the other has finished speaking and you have done the pause you will then clarify by question. What I mean is when the other has finished speaking you simply ask “How do you mean exactly?” This will make the other elaborate on what they have been speaking about to make sure you are no misunderstanding them.

Step Four: Paraphrase

This is the final step in the listening process. Once the other has finish from the clarification by question you would then paraphrase what they have just said. You would say, “Just so I completely understand you, what you are saying is………” and then you would fill in the blanks.

Please feel free to leave any comments as I would love to hear from you.

This is to your selling success.

John Lockyear





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