Never before has the competition been so fierce. Your customers have less money, less time and more regular access to your competition via the internet than ever before. It’s for this reason you need to make sure you have the skills and attitude it takes to drive revenue through the door and start to take massive action. Pick up the phone book and start making calls, go to the networking events, join local business clubs to make sure the survival of your business is achieved.

Making sales for your business is the equivalent to oxygen for your body. If the body doesn’t receive oxygen, then the rest of the organisation will die. Most people have a list of clients and customers and will not ask them the tough question: DO YOU WANT BUY MY PRODUCT! They will pussy foot and tippy toe around them only to find their customers have gone home for lunch by the time they do get the news to them and go for the close. Your product or service no doubt helps a lot of people, so it makes sense for your customers to buy whatever you are selling, right? Of course!

There was a study I read about a group of psychologist that asked several directors back in 2008, when the recession hit, how they go about breaking the news to their soon to be ex-employees. Now these employees had families, children, mortgages to pay and so on. The directors said; we would set the room temperature right, we start the conversation about a subject our soon to ex-employees would find interest, talk about football, anyhow, these where all the long way round to getting to the point that they were going to dismiss these people from the firm to save their own bacon.

No when the group of psychologist reversed the question on the directors and said; if you were going to receive the same news that you were going to be sacked, how would you like to receive the news? All of them said; I would like to be told straight the news. I want the news STRAIGHT!

You see we all think that everyone around is so fragile that we avoid asking the tough question: DO YOU WANT TO BUY MY PRODUCT? I had read so many different articles, books, and watched YouTube videos about closing  techniques etc and the truth is you should just asked the straight forward question to your customers to close more sales – after you have done your presentation / demonstration of course – that is the close; SO, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY MY PRODUCT OR SERVICE TODAY? If your customer is to respond NO then ask why, and isolate the objection, and go from there.

The secret to close more sales is to close yourself first, get over the fear that your customers perhaps may give you a little abjection – which is a good thing by the way – before they sign on the dotted line.

Here is to your selling success. Sell hard, sell fast, and sell often.


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