The TRUTH about growing your business.

You are in a world that is FULL of noise and adverts desperately trying to grab your attention to sell you the latest and greatest new product and service that will take your business to next level. You are being pulled in every direction and chasing shinning object after shinning object. Where does it stop? What system can you put in place that will truly grow your business?

I’m here to tell you that there is only one of three ways you are going to grow your business. That’s right, three. No more no less.


  1. Get new clients to buy whatever it is you are selling
  2. Get your existing clients to buy again
  3. Increase the price of your products or services

Now even if you were to do number three you still have to SELL your products or services to your clients. I have seen in business so many people focusing on activity rather than focusing on what’s TRUELY important. SALES! Getting in front of people who can say yes to your product or service. Yes, I will buy what you are selling! Yes, I see value in what you are offering me. That’s it! Making sales to your business is exactly the same, as oxygen to the human body and without oxygen the rest of the organisation will die. Concentrating on spreadsheets, emails, websites, logos, slogans etc are only 5% of the battle. I have never heard someone say: I done business with X company because I love their websites. I done business with you because of your logo. Your customers have to feel you are sincere and have confidence in your product or service. A perfect example is Apple. I mean, lets get serious; the number one technology company in the world is named after a piece of fruit! I wonder how many business coaches and marketing wizards would say to you: I don’t think the name of your business, logo etc is right. I am here to tell you that what needs to be right is what is going on between your ears first and the rest will follow. People buy people and it will forever remain that way while human beings are classified as a biological organism. Don’t get lost in the noise and remember to focus on your clients and not spreadsheets etc.

Here is to your business’s success.







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