As we know there are only five reasons your customers wont buy from you; no time, no trust, no need, no urgency and no money. Is that it? There’s one more little thing that you’re missing. The unspoken objection that is the biggest deal killer and most salespeople really don’t get this. As you’re going through your all 5 star recording breaking pitch, your customers are saying to themselves; is this product or service really going to do what this guy / gal says it does? All the while you come to the end of your demonstration or presentation only to have your prospect say to you; I want to think about it. You are left scratching your head saying, I know she trusts me and there is definitely a need there! Have you had this before? Whereby you’re left completely as to why your prospect didn’t say yes to your offering.

Your customers are terribly scared of making the wrong decision when buying your product or service for the first time. Have you had an experience before whereby you purchased a product or service and have it not work out? Of course and as a result we become sceptical of the so-called “salesperson”. Most salespeople (or companies) almost always ask their potential customers to carry all the risk. For you or your company to make more sales there has to be some form of risk reversal to overcome the unspoken of objection. Some companies offer a full refund within 30 days and after that period of time the retailer will deny all responsibility only to send you direct to the manufacture. Little do these salespeople and companies know that they are killing the longevity of their company.

After you have gone through your pitch and then you have gone through to your close, if, your prospect seems to be switching off or showing disinterest, be upfront and say; Mr prospect, is there something I’m missing, as you don’t seem to be that interested! Now, you maybe thinking: No way could I possibly ask that question, as it’s rude. Well, let me tell you my reading friend that your customers want to be dealing with a real, upfront person who gives them the news straight. Be bold in you sales pitch and especially when handling objections. This shows confidence in yourself, product or service, which will bring you closer to the sale. At this point your prospect will give you the unspoken objection so you can find out what really is the problem, which I’m betting as stated above “does this product or service really work”. Once you have the unspoken objection from your prospect, you should isolate it, and deal with it appropriately.

I sincerely hope this has helped and I look forward to speaking with you next time.

Here is to your selling success.




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