An Apple a day will get you sales right away!

Throughout my career in teaching others how to sell, the number one most important thing I have introduced into my workshops, which will ALWAYS get results is; attitude. The problem with most other trainers is that they don’t describe how to have an attitude. The fact is that this truth is true with most people using the word should. You should forgive. Yeah, that’s great but how do I forgive? You should be getting better results. Yeah but how do I get better results. You should have a great attitude. Yeah but how do I have a great attitude? I’m here to boiling things down to basics for you to get a great attitude that will get you more sales. If you get this wrong then you’re are kind of like trying to build a house on sand. Make sure your foundations are strong for long-term success. Lets talk bout how to get the BEST attitude:


  1. Exercise –You body is designed for movement and not to sit still. Go and buy a new pair of trainers and commit to yourself to go running one hour before work. Start by running twice a week and then build it up to say three and so on. Exercising releases and enormous amount of good endorphins that will make you feel like a million bucks. If your prospect can sense you’re SUPER happy, your prospects are going to say to themselves “Why is she so happy? I want some of this?” People buy with their feelings first (or the lizard part of the brain also known as the Limbic system) and if your prospects can feel good about being around you, then this will enhance the chances of them buying from you.
  2. Eat fruit and vegetables every day – Garbage in, garbage out. How can you expect your body to function right and maintain high energy levels (critical to sales people) if you’re eating rubbish? The truth is, you can’t. Make it a priority to eat fruit and vegetables every day. This will help increase your energy and concentration levels. Do I need to explain this further or are reading this thinking: I know, I know John but…! There are no buts only excuses. My great mentor Jim Rhon said it best when he said: The pain of discipline weights grams compared to the pain of regret, which weighs tones.
  3. Drink lots of water – Your body is about 60% water (give or take) and it’s extremely important to stay hydrated to obtain maximum output. Make it a daily habit to drink water consistently through the day to stay hydrated, especially, if you’re drinking cups of coffee and tea, as this will only add to the dehydration process.
  4. Get a minimum of 7 hours – Lack of sleep will make you moody, impatient, unable to concentrate, less attentive. Over time it can take a toll on your physical and mental health and significantly affect performance, which will reduce your results within the work place. To get the best nights sleep try to avoid watching too much TV and looking at your mobile devices. If you have to work on your PC or watch TV then I would recommend wearing “Blu Blockers” (if this is the first time you have heard of these then Google it). This will help the process of your brain produce “Melatonin”, which will help with the sleeping process.
  5. Brain Breakfast – Steer away from the news. I make a household rule that there is strictly no news aloud in my house. Your mind is extremely susceptible to what goes on around it and avoid the news like the plague. The news is slowly killing your productivity level. Instead, punch into YouTube, MOTIVATION, and watch the videos listed there (after your run of course). You will feel like taking on the world and your productivity levels will touch the sky. Make it a daily habit to feed your brain positive food every day. Just like your body, if you feed it with rubbish, then you will produce rubbish. The same is true of the mind.

Before any salesperson can expect extreme success, then they have to perform the above. The problem is that these things are easy to do, which also makes them easy not to do. I have found that almost all people that never take the first step, will never take the second. Salespeople and most companies tend to spend their time concentrating on presenting their product or solution, negotiation skills, Objection handling and closing skills. Now these are all valid areas of expertise within selling, however, if you or your people don’t concentrate on the above, that’s kind of like putting the cart in front of the horse.

If you have any questions, then feel free to email me at

Until next time, this is to your selling success.



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