Back to basics

Leonard de Vince said it best when he said – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Most managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and people in general complicate things, especially in sales. I have been to various sales trainer seminars and hear them bang on about 10 different closing techniques, how there are thousands – perhaps a slight exaggeration and more like hundreds – of different objections in any one industry, how negotiation is a massive topic and so on. All the while these trainers forget to cover the basics. About 99.9% of the time when I give training workshops and ask the attends “who here has read a book on sales and to give me the title and author?” almost always no one can tell me one book title. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because your sales team has X amount of years experience in selling that everything will be OK. The world has change! Techniques that worked 5 years are now obsolete. The best salespeople I know continue learning, go back to the basics, and remain a student on the subject and read books. Get the basics drilled into your sales team, like reading sales books everyday is like having strong foundations to a castle. If the foundations are not strong and you build your castle on sand, how long do you think your castle is going to be standing? Not long!

Sometimes it’s not necessary for salespeople to have training with me and they probably shouldn’t be in a room with me if they’re not motivated enough to order a sales book from Amazon for £10. The simplest things are often the most effective and I would encourage you to buy each member of your sales team a book on selling – preferable my book – and recite a page or chapter every morning. Get one member of your sales team each morning to read a few pages to the rest of the sales team from the chosen book. Motivation in selling is like showering; you need to do it every day for it to be effective. If you go to church on a Sunday you will notice the vicar will recite the bible EVERY Sunday. He won’t say; hey, we know all about god and Jesus as we spoke about it last Sunday, let’s jump straight in with the singling. The vicar continues to recite the bible EVERY Sunday because he understands the bible is the basic foundation on what he is teaching. Is selling different? Of course not, so why should it be any different?

A simple and effective way for you to increase the productivity of your sales team is to follow the above advice. It wont cost you a future and I guarantee you: the ROI (return on the investment) will be ten fold. Remember, the smaller things are often what make a big difference.

Here is to your selling success.



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