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Information technology and selling.

The IT sector is changing fast. From problems around the Windows operating system’s to the fierce competition from like’s of Amazon, Argos, Tesco’s, PC world and other large retailers, it’s proven more difficult for the smaller retailers to compete against these titans. Not to mention DELL, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Lenovo and so on changing their prices monthly, it’s hard to keep a tender pending longer enough – depending on when the tender was put together – to enable their sales teams to close the deal as these Hardware companies are moving the goal posts around price.  Too many smaller IT companies make the common mistake of competing instead of positioning themselves against their competition. Another common mistake is not having a SOLID business strategy in place to attract new clients and have systems in place whereby their sales teams can execute sales easily and deliver VALUE to their end users. Understanding this can be the survival or death of businesses within the IT industry.

A lot of small business owners – not just within the IT sector – think they can set up a shop or website and watch their customers come to them. The world has changed and in this new world you need to approach your customers and have the systems and skills in place to bring new business through the door. Most people that work within the IT industry love the new technology that is consistently being released and take joy to enlighten their customers about this. A small problem with this is that the sales guys talk too much about the FEATURES of their products instead of BENEFITS, and this leads to alienation of their end user. People buy what your products and services DO and not what they ARE.



  1. Position your company more as delivering value and try to steer away from price.
  2. Remember that your customers look at the end benefit of what product or service you are supplying. Stay away from the tech talk and try to speak in a language your end user understands to make more sales.Image